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COVID Updates

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

We are taking extra precautions to prevent any spread of COVID throughout the club. If you are coming to the club for open play please make sure you follow these guidelines. These are here for your protection as well as protection of other club members. If we start to see cases coming from the club we may have to temporarily shut down.

No doubles, no switching sides after games, no touching after matches (you can touch paddles), wear a mask until right before playing and immediately after (wearing it while playing is even better), clean the table with provided cleaners after playing, keep space from other players and other tables if there is space, kick the ball back to other players instead of using your hands, use the temperature gun upon entrance to the club and sign in on the provided sign in sheet.

Thank you for following these guidelines. We really hope to keep everyone safe and to provide a fun, safe environment for people to keep playing during these challenging times!

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