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Since HITTA started business, we have been dealing with some low level of late cancellation and no-show issues.  This resulted in wasted coaching resource that could have been allocated to others or last-minute class cancellation that adversely affected the schedules of other students.   With increasing classes and students, this problem has become a real issue for both HITTA and our customers.  
To help maximize resource utilization, reduce resource wastage, and improve customer satisfaction, HITTA will implement a Late Cancelation and No-Show Policy with effect from August 1, 2024.


Customers can make changes to their bookings up to 24 hours in advance of their classes.  Customers can, in most cases, cancel classes on their own online in Mindbody web site or Mindbody App. The customers can also contact HITTA front office in person (during normal office hours) or by phone or by text messages or via email to make changes.

  • Once it is within the 24 hours window, all changes to be made MUST be communicated to HITTA front office in person, email, or by phone (Voice or text).  

  • Any cancellation made within the 12-hour window will be charged $30 for private lessons or $15 for group classes Late Cancellation Fees.

  • No-show (i.e. not showing for a class while not communicating to HITTA front office) for a class will be charged $50 for private lessons or $25 for group classes No-Show Fees.

  • No-show charges can be waived if customers can provide genuine reasons (with adequate proof) that he/she cannot reasonably be expected to get to the class and/or able to contact HITTA front office due to extraordinary circumstances.


HITTA Front Office phone number: (832) 777-7789.  email:

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