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Frequency Asked Questions

I want to play some table tennis. What should I do?

The club is open for open play between 7:30-10 every night except Wednesday. Come and find people to play with or bring a partner and use any of the open tables. It costs $15 dollars for one session or $40 for unlimited sessions per month (membership). Feel free to challenge other players verbally or by putting your paddle under the table, but respect players who are practicing together. Please bring a paddle and ball, but one can be provided if you don't have those. The front door remains locked, so ring the bell if you can't get in.

What services do you offer?

We have pretty much all table tennis services that you can think of. Private coaching for 1, 2 or 4 players at a time, training camps on Saturdays, tournaments, leagues and memberships for open play. See our services and events pages for more information or inquire with any of the coaches at the club.

What do you recommend for a new player?

For new players you will want to receive some training as that is the primary purpose of the club and most of the members are relatively high level. We offer private coaching, group lessons and training camps for this purpose. You will also want to practice regularly, which means getting a membership for open play. You can sign up for coaching and memberships through the site or at the club.

I've never been to a table tennis club before. Is there anything I should know?

Bring athletic shoes and clothing, a paddle and a ball. You can bring a partner to play with or just kindly ask people if they will hit with you, but respect players who are in intense training sessions. You can almost always find someone to hit with if you are patient and kind. Players take the game seriously, so have fun, but be serious and if you feel you need training to keep up we offer many services for that purpose.

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