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At HITTA we offer a variety of services so that you can train at and enjoy the game of table tennis to the fullest. 


Our camps are designed to help the player, whatever their level, to work on the basic strokes and attain consistency using the correct techniques, and improve their performance during match play. The camps are structured in two sessions; morning session focused on the basic strokes and acquiring consistency under the guidance of our professional coaches. The afternoon session deals more directly with match play techniques and strategies and moves the player into actual match play drills and exercises, complimented by actual match play to end the session. 

We recommend the Saturday camps to players at the intermediate and advanced levels who can take full advantage of the instruction offered and also have an opportunity for match play against our experienced training partners who assist us in the camps. The unique HITTA training method allow the player to have interactive coaching from the entire HITTA coaching staff and benefit greatly from this multi-level training.

HITTA hosts USATT rated leagues on a weekly basis. The leagues offer a more localized way of allowing the players to test their skill levels and get more practice on their current lessons. Leagues allow the player to experience actual competition at the local level and it helps improve greatly players techniques and tactics needed for match play. The HITTA league starts Wednesday, 2/10/2021. Stay tuned!

Our Services

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